Cheap Holidays to Egypt: Unveiling Affordable Adventures in the Land of Pharaohs

Dreaming of exploring the mystique of ancient Egypt but worried about the cost? Well, worry no more! In this article, we will guide you on how to plan cheap holidays to Egypt without compromising on the incredible experiences this captivating country has to offer. From affordable accommodations to budget-friendly transportation options and must-see attractions, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime without breaking the bank!

Recommended Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Egypt All inclusive Cheap Holiday Vacations 

Our 10-day Egypt all-inclusive vacation package is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and unforgettable journey through the country’s ancient treasures and modern marvels.

Siwa and The Western Desert Cheap Holidays

This 7-day tour package is the perfect way to explore the hidden gems of Siwa and the Western Desert.

Pyramids and Nile Cruise Cheap Holidays

Our 8 Days Pyramids and Nile Cruise Holidays is a comprehensive tour package that takes you on a journey through the wonders of ancient Egypt.

Egypt Tours With Nile Cruise Cheap Holiday

This 8-day Egypt Tours With Nile Cruise takes you on a journey through the heart of ancient Egypt, from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan, and back to Cairo.

Siwa Oasis Tour 

Our 5-day Siwa Oasis tour takes you on an adventure to one of Egypt’s most unique destinations.

Egypt Overland Tours 

Discover the best of Egypt on an unforgettable 8-day overland tour. Explore the famous pyramids of Giza, the ancient temples of Luxor

Cairo and Luxor Cheap Holiday 

This tour is perfect for travelers who want to experience the best of Egypt in a short amount of time.

Cairo Wheelchair Accessible Tour 

Our 5 Days Cairo Wheelchair Accessible Tour is designed to provide an unforgettable experience for travelers with limited mobility.

Luxor and Aswan Travel Packages

This 4-day tour package offers a fascinating insight into the rich history and culture of Egypt, taking you on a journey to Luxor and Aswan to discover the country’s ancient wonders.

Cairo Holiday Packages

This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

4 Days Cairo and Abu Simbel Tour Package

This tour package will take you on a journey through Egypt’s rich history and culture. You will explore the famous landmarks of Cairo, including the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

4 Days Cairo and Aswan Tour

During this tour, you will get to explore the iconic landmarks of Cairo, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

4 Days Egypt Economic Tour in Cairo and Alexandria

Our 4 Days Egypt Economic Tour takes you on a journey through the iconic cities of Cairo and Alexandria, where you’ll discover the ancient history and modern culture of Egypt. From the pyramids and Sphinx to the Library of Alexandria

4 Days Ancient Egypt Highlights Cheap Holiday 

This 4-day tour takes you on a journey through the ancient wonders of Egypt. Starting in Cairo, you’ll visit the iconic pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum, where you can see thousands of artifacts from ancient times.

4 Days Cheap Holiday to Cairo

This 4-day tour is perfect for travelers who want to explore the highlights of Cairo on a budget.

5 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package

This 5-day tour package combines two of Egypt’s most iconic cities, Cairo and Alexandria, to offer a comprehensive insight into Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.

5 Days Cairo and Hurghada Holiday 

This 5-day tour is designed for travelers who want to experience the best of Egypt in a short time. The tour takes you to the vibrant capital city of Cairo, where you will explore the ancient wonders and visit world-renowned museums.

6 Days Cairo and Alexandria Vacation 

This 6-day vacation package combines the best of Cairo and Alexandria, taking you on a journey through the ancient history and modern culture of Egypt.

The Essence of Egypt in 6 Days Cheap Holiday

Discover the magic of Egypt on our 6-day cheap holiday package. This tour takes you on a journey through the highlights of Cairo, Luxor, and the Nile River, with expert local guides to bring the ancient history and culture to life.

7 Days Cairo, Luxor & Alexandria Cheap Tour

This 7-day tour takes you on a journey through the heart of ancient Egypt, starting in the bustling city of Cairo and ending in the coastal city of Alexandria.

More About Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Exploring the Wonders of Egypt on a Budget

Egypt is a treasure trove of wonders, from the majestic pyramids of Giza to the enchanting temples of Luxor and the serene beauty of the Nile River. While it may seem like an expensive destination, with proper planning and a few budget-savvy tips, you can enjoy an incredible Egyptian adventure without draining your bank account.

Best Time to Book Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Timing is key when it comes to securing affordable holiday deals to Egypt. Consider traveling during the shoulder seasons, such as spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), as prices tend to be lower, and the weather is still pleasant. Avoid peak tourist seasons like summer and winter holidays when prices surge.

Finding Affordable Accommodation in Egypt

When it comes to accommodations, Egypt offers a range of options to suit various budgets. Consider staying in budget-friendly hotels, hostels, or guesthouses in popular tourist areas like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Additionally, you can explore apartment rentals or consider camping in designated areas for a unique and cost-effective experience.

Budget-Friendly Transportation Options

Getting around Egypt on a budget is easier than you might think. Utilize the extensive public transportation network, including buses and trains, which offer affordable fares and connect major cities and tourist destinations. Consider booking overnight trains or buses to save on accommodation costs. For shorter distances, opt for local taxis or ride-sharing services.

Delicious and Affordable Egyptian Cuisine

Indulging in delicious Egyptian cuisine is a must during your visit, and the good news is that it won’t break the bank. Explore local street food stalls and small family-run restaurants known as “koshary” joints, where you can savor traditional dishes like falafel, koshary (a mix of rice, pasta, lentils, and fried onions), and taameya (Egyptian falafel) at affordable prices.

Must-See Attractions on a Budget

Egypt is home to iconic attractions that shouldn’t be missed, even if you’re on a budget. Visit the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, explore the fascinating Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and sail along the Nile River on a felucca boat. Take advantage of discounted tickets, combo passes, and free-entry days to major attractions to make the most of your budget.

Unforgettable Experiences That Won’t Break the Bank

In addition to the famous landmarks, Egypt offers incredible experiences that won’t strain your wallet. Take a hot air balloon ride over Luxor’s ancient ruins, snorkel or dive in the Red Sea’s vibrant coral reefs, embark on a desert safari in the Sahara, or wander through bustling local markets, known as souks, to immerse yourself in the culture and Egypt history.