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A natural painting awaits you

Wadi Namar offers a serene escape where you can marvel at the graceful movement of duck flocks and witness the playful dance of small fish in the tranquil waters of the Lake Dam. As you meander along the park’s extensive paths, spanning over 2,000 meters, immerse yourself in the invigorating embrace of nature. The crisp air, the gentle rustle of palm trees, and the rhythmic sounds of the lake’s waterfalls create an ambiance that inspires reflective thoughts. This harmonious blend of elements provides a perfect backdrop for capturing the beauty of sunset scenes or gazing at the starry night sky. As darkness falls, the valley’s lights come alive, casting a mesmerizing glow and enhancing the enchanting allure of Wadi Namar.

The Park Services

The park is well-equipped with a range of amenities and services to enhance your visit. Enjoy the delightful experience of indulging in fast food with friends and family at the food stalls scattered throughout the park. These areas not only offer a tasty treat but also create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. For families with energetic children, the park features play areas where youngsters can unleash their boundless energy, providing a perfect setting for laughter and play. Additionally, convenient parking spots ensure a hassle-free experience, making your time at the park both enjoyable and stress-free. Whether savoring a meal, letting the children play, or finding a parking space, the park’s thoughtful facilities cater to the diverse needs of visitors, ensuring a pleasant and convenient outing for all.

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