1. Ramses Tours– Experience the thrill of exploring the golden dunes of Hurghada on a 4×4 desert safari. Enjoy quad biking, sandboarding, and camel rides, before sampling traditional Bedouin hospitality with a delicious BBQ dinner.

2. Hurghada Viator – Explore the Red Sea’s crystal clear waters on a snorkeling tour. Visit the colorful coral reefs and marvel at the marine life, including rare species of fish, whales, dolphins, and turtles.

3. Luxury Trip – Enjoy a boat trip around Hurghada and its stunning islands. Stop at the Giftun Islands for a swim and snorkel, or visit the uninhabited islands of Soma Bay, where you can enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach.

4. Hurghada Quad Biking – Discover the desert on a quad biking adventure. Enjoy off-road trails in the desert, exploring dunes and oases. Stop for a BBQ lunch and admire the sunset over the desert from the top of a sand dune.

5. Hurghada Nightlife Tour – Enjoy an evening in Hurghada’s vibrant nightlife. Visit bars and clubs, or relax in a beachside lounge. Sample a variety of local and international drinks, and dance the night away.

6. Hurghada City Tour – Take a tour of Hurghada, visiting its main attractions. See the Marina, New Hurghada, El Dahar, and the Old Town. Visit the Coptic church and the Fish Market, and sample some of the local cuisine.

7. Hurghada Glass Bottom Boat Trip – See the Red Sea’s underwater world without getting wet on a glass bottom boat tour. Enjoy a leisurely ride and spot vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish, and other marine life.

8. Hurghada Jeep Safari – Take a jeep safari through the desert and oases of Hurghada. Explore the Bedouin villages, visit the tombs of ancient Pharaohs, and learn about traditional Bedouin culture.

9. Hurghada Scuba Diving – Explore the Red Sea’s coral reefs and incredible marine life on a scuba diving tour. Visit some of the best dive sites in the world, including the famous Abu Nahas shipwreck.

10. Hurghada Submarine – Take a submarine tour of the Red Sea to explore its underwater world. See the colorful coral reefs, schools of fish, and rare marine life, such as turtles, dolphins, and whales.

11. Hurghada Sunset Cruise – Enjoy a romantic cruise around Hurghada’s coastline. Watch the sun set over the Red Sea and admire the city skyline. Relax on the deck of the boat and sample some delicious snacks.

12. Hurghada Horseback Riding – Enjoy a horseback riding tour through the desert and oases of Hurghada. Stop to admire the views, or take a swim in the oasis pools.

13. Hurghada Water Park – Spend a fun day at Hurghada’s largest water park. Enjoy a variety of thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. Relax in the sunshine and sample some delicious snacks.

14. Hurghada Camel Riding – Ride a camel through the desert and oases of Hurghada. Enjoy some of the breathtaking views of the desert and admire the beautiful Bedouin villages.

15. Hurghada Safari – Enjoy a thrilling desert safari around Hurghada. Drive a 4×4 across the sand dunes and visit some of the Bedouin villages. Stop for a BBQ dinner and enjoy traditional Bedouin hospitality.

16. Hurghada Big Game Fishing – Fish for big game in the Red Sea. Enjoy a full day of deep-sea fishing and catch tuna, marlin, barracuda, and more. The catch will be cooked for dinner on the boat.

17. Hurghada Souq Shopping – Visit the traditional bazaars and souqs of Hurghada. Browse the stalls for souvenirs, spices, jewelry, and traditional Bedouin handicrafts.

18. Hurghada Belly Dancing – Learn the traditional art of belly dancing at a professional studio in Hurghada. Enjoy a fun and interactive lesson and learn how to move your body to the rhythm of the music.

19. Hurghada Jeep Safari with Bedouin Dinner – Take a jeep safari through the desert and oases of Hurghada. Visit a Bedouin camp and enjoy a delicious dinner and traditional entertainment.

20. Hurghada Catamaran Cruise – Enjoy a relaxing cruise around Hurghada’s coastline on a catamaran. Stop at some of the beautiful islands and bays and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and a delicious picnic lunch.