From Athens: Bus Trip to Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio


Selecting the right tour from Athens is made effortless by choosing a small-group experience that avoids crowded buses. This meticulously curated tour of historical highlights takes you on a journey to UNESCO World Heritage Site Mycenae, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, and the coastal city of Nafplio. Immerse yourself in the Kingdom of Agamemnon, exploring tombs, palaces, and witnessing the architectural marvel of Cyclopean Walls. Uncover the mysteries of ancient Greece with a knowledgeable guide on this full-day round trip from Athens, travelling in comfort in luxurious, air-conditioned buses with onboard WiFi. With a maximum of 20 travelers, this small-group tour promises an intimate and enriching exploration.


  • Mycenae: Explore the Cyclopean walls, Lionesses Gate, Ancient Treasure of Atreus, Tomb of Clytemnestra, Palace, and the Gold Mask of Agamemnon.
  • Nafplio: Enjoy a traditional Greek lunch in this charming coastal city with influences from Venetian, Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern Greek architecture.
  • Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus: Experience the theatre renowned for its exceptional acoustics and delve into its historical connection with the Asclepeion healing temples.


  • Small-group tour with a maximum of 20 travelers.
  • Comfortable and luxurious air-conditioned buses.
  • English-speaking escort (archaeologist) providing in-depth insights.
  • Free WiFi on the bus.
  • Basic travel insurance included.


  1. Depart from Athens, starting at the Halandri Metro station.
  2. Explore the archaeological site of Mycenae with its iconic landmarks.
  3. Enjoy a traditional Greek lunch in Nafplio, a city with diverse architectural influences.
  4. Visit the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, known for its outstanding acoustics.
  5. Return to Athens with enriching memories.


  • Round-trip transportation from Athens.
  • Transfer in new, luxury air-conditioned buses.
  • English-speaking escort (archaeologist).
  • Free WiFi on the bus.
  • Basic travel insurance.

Tour Price:

Price Per Person = $39.15

Tips and Advice for Travelers:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes suitable for exploring archaeological sites.
  • Carry a water bottle and sunscreen for a comfortable day.
  • Embrace the rich history and architecture of Nafplio during the lunch stop.

FAQs: Q: How many travelers are there in the group? A: The small-group tour accommodates a maximum of 20 travelers.

Q: Is WiFi available on the bus? A: Yes, the tour provides free WiFi onboard the luxurious, air-conditioned buses.

Q: What is the duration of the tour? A: This full-day round trip from Athens encompasses approximately 8 hours of exploration and travel time.