Best of Athens Half Day Private Tour


Embark on an exclusive journey through Athens with our Best of Athens Half Day Private Tour, a 5-hour exploration that combines iconic landmarks with hidden gems. This private experience offers a customizable itinerary, allowing you to discover Athens at your own pace, all while enjoying the comfort of inclusive transportation. Dive into the rich history of the Temple of Zeus, Roman Agora, Acropolis, and more, as your expert guide provides insights, making this a quintessential Athens experience.


  1. Tailored Exploration: Enjoy the flexibility to customize your itinerary, ensuring a personalized and memorable adventure.
  2. Temple of Zeus: Marvel at the grandeur of the Temple of Zeus, an ancient marvel that once stood as a symbol of Greek power.
  3. Acropolis Odyssey: Discover the iconic Acropolis, a symbol of classical Greece, and explore its architectural wonders.
  4. Monastery of Daphni: Uncover the secrets of the UNESCO-listed Monastery of Daphni, adorned with beautiful mosaics.
  5. Neoclassical Treasures: Immerse yourself in classical and neoclassical wonders, including the Ancient Agora and the National Archaeological Museum.
  6. Local Insights: Benefit from immersive commentary by your chauffeur, providing local guidance and insider tips throughout the tour.


  1. Private Comfort: Travel in exclusive, all-inclusive transportation, ensuring comfort and convenience.
  2. Customizable Itinerary: Tailor the tour to match your interests, allowing you to focus on the sights that captivate you the most.
  3. Knowledgeable Chauffeur: Enjoy insightful commentary from your chauffeur, providing a local perspective on Athens’ history and culture.
  4. Seamless Logistics: Let go of logistical worries with included transportation and a thoughtfully planned itinerary.


Your chauffeur will pick you up at your preferred location, whether it’s the cruise terminal, airport, or any address in Athens. While they provide informative travel commentary during your journey, it’s important to note that they are not licensed guides, and entrance fees to sites are at your own expense.

The tour commences with a visit to the Monastery of Daphni, showcasing its exquisite mosaics and holding UNESCO World Heritage distinction. Traverse the heart of Athens, enjoying a diverse array of classical and neoclassical sites, complemented by a delightful lunch en route.

Immerse yourself in the historical treasures of the Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the National Archaeological Museum. Witness iconic landmarks like the Hellenic Parliament, the Academy of Athens, and the Panathenaic Stadium, steeped in Olympic history.

The tour culminates at Syntagma Square, where your chauffeur bids farewell and ensures your return to your designated address, leaving you with a memorable souvenir gift.

What’s Included

  • Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • Mercedes E 200 class(sedan) or Scoda Octavia SUV with full insurance
  • Liability insurance per person
  • A chauffeur providing local guiding services (not a licensed guide for monuments)
  • End-of-tour souvenir gift
  • Mercedes E200 Sedan for 1-4 passengers, 4-8pax Mercedes Minivan, 8-15pax Mercedes Benz Minibus

Tour Price:

Price Per Person = $385.88

Tips and Advice for Travelers

  1. Entrance Fees: Be aware that entrance fees to sites, such as the Monastery of Daphni and the Acropolis, are not included and should be budgeted separately.
  2. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable attire and walking shoes, as some exploration involves walking.
  3. Weather Consideration: Check the weather forecast and be prepared for varying conditions, especially if exploring outdoor sites.
  4. Camera Ready: Bring your camera to capture the breathtaking views and historical marvels along the way.


Q: Is entrance to sites included in the tour? A: No, entrance fees to sites are not included. Travelers are responsible for their entrance fees.

Q: Can the itinerary be customized? A: Absolutely, our tour is designed for customization to cater to your specific interests and preferences.

Q: What kind of vehicle will be used for transportation? A: Depending on the number of passengers, we provide Mercedes E200 Sedan, Mercedes Minivan, or Mercedes Benz Minibus for a comfortable journey.

Q: Are tips included for the chauffeur? A: While tips are not included, they are appreciated for excellent service.