Athens Acropolis & Parthenon Walking Tour


Embark on an enriching journey to the Acropolis of Athens, an unparalleled architectural masterpiece from Ancient Greece. Immerse yourself in the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site with a guided walking tour, marveling at the grandeur of the Propylaea gateway and the Dionysus Sanctuary during the ascent. Traverse the expansive citadel, envisioning its former glory amidst captivating ruins, and stand before the awe-inspiring Theatre of Dionysus. Finally, gaze upon the city from the iconic Parthenon, unraveling the secrets of this renowned archaeological site alongside an expert guide. Choose between two booking options: WITH tickets (prepaid) or WITHOUT tickets (cash payment on tour day), with both options ensuring the convenience of pre-purchased tickets.

Meeting Point: Commence your journey by meeting your guide and group at a yogurt bar near the Acropolis’s base at your chosen time. If you opt for the tour without admission tickets, provide cash to your guide, eliminating the need to purchase online or queue up. Your licensed guide will then lead you to the UNESCO World Heritage–listed site, passing through the Propylaea and the Dionysus Sanctuary.


  • Comprehensive tour of the Acropolis and its monuments, including the Parthenon, Nike Temple, Dionysus Theater, and more.


  • Local licensed English-speaking guide for in-depth insights.
  • Athens guide magazine and map provided.
  • Small group tour for a personalized experience.


  1. Begin at the yogurt bar meeting point.
  2. Ascend to the Acropolis, passing through the Propylaea and Dionysus Sanctuary.
  3. Explore the Parthenon, Nike Temple, Dionysus Theater, and other monuments.


  • Local licensed English-speaking guide.
  • Athens guide magazine.
  • Athens map.
  • Small group tour.

Tour Prices:

Price Per Person = $75.21

Tips and Advice for Travelers:

  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • Bring a water bottle and sunscreen for a comfortable experience.
  • Respect the archaeological site and follow the guide’s instructions.

FAQs: Q: Can I purchase tickets on the tour day? A: Yes, there is a cash payment option for tickets on the tour day if you choose the WITHOUT tickets booking option.

Q: What monuments are covered in the tour? A: The comprehensive tour includes the Parthenon, Nike Temple, Dionysus Theater, and more.

Q: Is the guide fluent in English? A: Yes, the guide is a local licensed English-speaking expert providing in-depth information about the Acropolis.