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Exploring the Artistic Canvases of Jeddah: A Journey Beyond the Sunset

Beyond the mesmerizing sunsets that paint the skies over the Red Sea, Jeddah unfolds a rich tapestry of artistry, promoting cultural beauty and the profound value of art. This city boasts cultural centers and art galleries showcasing works by local artists from Jeddah and other corners of the Kingdom and the world. Notably, the open-air sculpture museum, with its calming ambiance, stands as a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and natural surroundings, captivating visitors 24 hours a day.

ATHR Gallery: A Portal to Contemporary Art

Embark on a unique artistic odyssey at ATHR Gallery, nestled within the Sairafi Mall complex. This gallery offers a glimpse into the contemporary art scene, featuring the works of prominent Saudi and international artists. With a multifunctional art space fostering a cultural dialogue, ATHR Gallery invites visitors to immerse themselves in the artistic spirit during their inaugural visit.

Appreciating Art at the Saudi Center for Fine Arts

Delve into the artistic culture of Jeddah’s residents by visiting the Saudi Center for Fine Arts. The center serves as a nourishing source of artistic inspiration, offering courses in abstract arts, oil painting, watercolor, glasswork, and more. Engage with artists and leaders, and satisfy your artistic curiosity while participating in courses held throughout the year.

Hafez Gallery: A Showcase of Saudi and Middle Eastern Art

Located in the Northern suburb of AlRawda district, Hafez Gallery stands as a repository of works by renowned Saudi artists, providing a gateway to the history of Saudi and Middle Eastern art. Visitors can explore the traditions of Arab people through the gallery’s diverse collection, accompanied by brochures detailing each masterpiece.

Dar Safeya Binzagr: Unveiling the Heritage of Hijazi Art

For a comprehensive understanding of Hijazi heritage and history, a visit to Dar Safeya Binzagr is indispensable. This exhibition houses invaluable artifacts dating back over a century, offering a vivid portrayal of life in Old Jeddah. The gallery, named after artist Safeya Binzagr, a pioneer in Saudi abstract art, showcases her remarkable works, emphasizing the prominent role of Saudi women in art.

Hisham Punjabi Studio: A Creative Haven in Historic Jeddah

In the heart of Old Jeddah, Hisham Punjabi Studio and Workshop beckon art enthusiasts. Founded by contemporary Saudi artist Hisham Punjabi, this studio occupies a historic house, transformed into an art academy with a focus on modern paintings reflecting the essence of future generations. Dive into the diversity of displayed artworks, from Arabian Stallions to contemporary masterpieces.

Adham Art Center: Where Artistic Diversity Flourishes

Extend your art exploration to the Adham Art Center, a hub that brings together multiple art galleries, showcasing works from various art schools. The center offers artistic programs, creative projects, workshops, and courses on recycled art, creating a unique experience for visitors.

Nesma Art Gallery: A Haven for Abstract Art Enthusiasts

During your cultural journey in Jeddah, don’t miss the chance to visit Nesma Art Gallery in the Al-Rawda neighborhood. This gallery showcases the works of top abstract artists from Saudi Arabia and beyond, along with impressive displays by talented photographers. For those inclined to explore their artistic talents, the gallery’s studio provides an opportunity to engage in a unique drawing experience, complete with all the necessary tools.

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