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Jeddah’s Vibrancy Unveiled: A Thrilling Adventure at Alshallal Theme Park

As you immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Jeddah, the city’s joyfulness comes to life in the form of amusement and theme parks. Traveling through the North Corniche, your senses are immediately captivated by the sight of the exhilarating rollercoaster at Alshallal Theme Park, accompanied by the contagious sounds of excitement emanating from various rides.

Skating Ice Rink: Glide into the Adventure

Upon entering Alshallal Theme Park and acquiring your entry ticket, a spectacle of colorful lights envelops the park, igniting a sense of wonder. Your journey kicks off with the high-altitude skating rink, surrounded by inviting restaurants and seating areas. From this vantage point, you can watch your kids ski, capture memorable photographs, or share the thrill with your loved ones.

Amazon Forest: A Fascinating Journey

Adjacent to the ice rink, the enchanting Amazon Forest awaits. Embark on a boat ride that unveils hidden gems within this captivating setting. The first and second floors of the indoor, air-conditioned section house electronic games and children’s rides, adding to the park’s multifaceted charm. As you step into the outdoor realm, the refreshing air of Jeddah, infused with the scent of the sea, invigorates your senses. Lakes filled with adventurers’ boats and rolling waterfalls on brown rocks reflect the essence of Jeddah and its mesmerizing Red Sea.

Sunset and Adrenaline: Choose Your Adventure

A stroll through Alshallal prompts a delightful dilemma—where to start? Numerous special and exciting rides beckon, offering the chance to enjoy the Red Sea waves under the glistening sunshine or neon lights. Opt for a serene experience on the big ship at sunset or the Ferris wheel. For those seeking a higher adrenaline rush, the rollercoaster, slingshot, and free-fall over the lake promise an exhilarating experience.

Space Against Gravity: Science meets Thrills

Science enthusiasts can’t miss the zero-gravity ride, where you’ll discover the sensation of floating high in the air, controlling your body’s movements and height from the ground. Delve into history as you encounter a replica spacesuit worn by Prince Sultan bin Salman, the first Arab Muslim astronaut. Explore the wonders of our giant galaxy and its captivating planets, surrounded by big screens that transport you to extraordinary realms once confined to human imagination.

Leaving the Park: Souvenirs and Memories

Before bidding farewell to the park, make a pitstop at Alshallal’s kiosks to grab a souvenir, ensuring the preservation of memories from one of Jeddah’s most entertaining destinations.

About Alshallal: Where Thrills Meet Breathtaking Views

Positioned with a breathtaking view of the Red Sea, Alshallal is situated just a few kilometers away from Jeddah’s iconic landmark, the award-winning Jeddah Waterfront. This waterfront boasts the longest pedestrian bridge in Saudi Arabia, illuminated at night to showcase Jeddah’s charm. With an abundance of paintings, sculptures, and works of art by local and international artists, the waterfront transforms into an open art gallery, harmonizing with the sweet aroma of the sea.

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